Pauline Creasey

CEO and Co-founder,

Pauline is CEO and co-founder of JaDE-TM based in London and Florida and responsible for international operations and technology innovation.

Pauline holds a B.A (Hons) in Politics and a master’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She was formerly Director Europe, Middle East & Africa for the Oracle Corporation a software and information management firm headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, and Vice President at AirTouch Communications in San Francisco USA.

Pauline has spent the last three years chairing the Premier FX Liquidation Committee – a claimants action group campaigning for justice and the return of clients’ funds from a UK authorised payment services firm. Premier FX collapsed insolvent in July 2018 eight weeks after being re-authorised under the new Payment Service Regulations 2017 which brought in stricter consumer protection but failed to identify and stop the firm operating a Ponzi scam and speculating with client money.

“In my opinion the work of the Transparency TaskForce and the APPG inquiry into the conduct of the UK regulator is both important and potentially far reaching in assisting Parliament, the regulator and banks in providing consumer protection which works in practice. UK payment services firms are growing in number and should be safe and straightforward to use.  However, due to ‘light touch regulation’ by the regulator and bank providing 70+ accounts the firm unlawfully evaded the legal requirement of holding client designated accounts, client money segregation & safeguarding and held no professional indemnity insurance for many years. Moreover, it was being run by persons who were not fit and proper due to previous custodial convictions for fraud.”

Pauline has first hand experience of the financial distress caused by lax or zero regulation and negligence in AML and suspicious activity reporting in major banks who appear focused on profits at any price and cost to the public.

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