The battle for the control of the digital pound; and why it really matters

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July 14th 2021 from 6pm to 8pm UK Time


Online symposium via Zoom.


There'll be a great line-up of speakers plus ample scope for discussion and debate.

Why you should attend

Our money system is now being remade, digital. Opinions are being confirmed and decisions are being made which will affect all our futures for a century or more.

The opinions being considered are those of the bankers.

And it is the bankers who are making the decisions, without democratic scrutiny or mandate.

While we have a golden opportunity, for the first time in history, for the people to own and benefit from the money system that they create by using it, we are presently on a path to less transparency and more control by the financial system which routinely abuses and has repeatedly crashed the economy.

We know that important decisions with enormous long-term consequences are being quietly made, by central bankers. We know that because of the recent announcements that have been made about the US Dollar, the British Pound Sterling and the Euro; by the Bank of England, the Fed in the USA and the European Central Bank. In total, some 86% of the world’s Central Banks are involved, according to the Bank of International Settlements. In each case under scrutiny and pressure from, and working closely with, the commercial banks.

Legislators and Parliamentarians remain largely unsighted because the banks have quietly maintained an ongoing international conversation amongst themselves. They have collectively presented a ‘party line’ that this is essentially just a largely technical issue of little significance.

So we are currently on a path to further embedding privileges and handing more control of the financial system to the banks. The foxes in the henhouse who already abuse their position to maximise their ability to engineer wealth away from the economy into the pockets of the few – socialising increasing risks while maximising and pocketing profits at the expense of society.

Without more transparency and proper public debate it will be bankers who decide what the future should look like, how this should work – entrenching and further expanding privileges that have been quietly expanding over many decades – taking yet more control over the money system, at the expense of everybody else.

This will touch and affect us all, deeply. It is a matter for us all.

There are questions to be answered of enormous significance:

  • Who has the right to own and control the money system?
  • How can we ensure we get transparent money owned by and operated for the people?
  • Why has there not been open dialogue and debate amongst all stakeholders including the Parliamentarians that represent us?
  • Or is democracy something that is seen as simply inconvenient and awkward by the banks that are taking control of the system?

We will look at all the latest developments and talk about how a democratic mandate can be formed for what some argue will be the biggest change since the advent of the internet, affecting generations to come.

It’s time for the biggest and most open debate in the history of money.

It’s time for the battle for control of the digital pound; and it’s a battle that really matters

Here's the programme and timings so far...

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