How can we accelerate the rebuilding of trustworthiness and confidence in financial services?

Executive Summary

We are initiating a global push for transformational reform to help rebuild trust and confidence in financial services.

While the causes may be varied and debated,  there is consensus that the trust deficit costs the finance industry dearly in lost revenues.This trust deficit is a problem for government and policymakers around the world; and the sector itself would benefit enormously if it were trusted.

The UK has the lowest savings ratio since records began in 1963, (UK Office of National Statistics), equating tolost business for banks, pension companies, asset managers, financial planners and impacting the whole value chain. 

It is clear that the trust deficit is a problem for all stakeholders and our call for collaboration on the TTF initiative is well-received everywhere we go; there have been special meetings in Europe the US, the Far East and Australia.


The Transparency Task Force is working to help deal with these issues, despite severe resource constraints. We are “punching well above our weight”.

We are:

  • Initiating and facilitating “a global conversation” about the trust deficit
  • Bringing togethor all types of stakeholders including:
    • Politicians
    • Policymakers
    • Financial regulators
    • Leaders from financial trade bodies
    • Leaders from professional associations
    • Academics, thought leaders and think tanks
    • Pension schemes and their trustees
    • Fiduciaries
  • Plus: senior representatives from commercial organisations and corporate entities: for-profits are also key stakeholders in the project. We cover all sectors including banking, insurance, pensions, asset management, investment, private equity, hedge funds, foreign exchange, wealth management, financial planning, and Fintech. Running special meetings around the world in every major financial centre to build a global network of like-minded people who want to be part of the solution
  • Identifying and engaging with the 1,000 VIPs that, in effect, govern the way the financial system operates
  • Harnessing the goodwill amongst motivated people around the world, who are volunteering to play their part.
  • Working in a collaborative, collegiate, consensus-building and coordinated way, internationally    
  • Creating “A Framework for Finance Reform” based on“the 12 Finance Development Goals” each addressing an underlying  problem, to bring about transformational change.
  • Publishing an annual book which establishes the methodology through which we can collectively drive the change that is needed

Our White Paper and Supporting Videos

We are very grateful to

for working with us so supportively to produce the special White Paper on “How can we accelerate the rebuilding of trust and confidence in financial services?”  which can be downloaded here: 

DownloadHow can we Accelerate the Rebuilding of Trust and Confidence in Financial Services

The White Paper on “How can we accelerate the rebuilding of trust and confidence in financial services”

…and also for producing these videos, filmed at our London 16th May symposium, kindly hosted by Newgate Communications. 

Thank you also to all the participants for providing great input through the video interviews.

Video 1:

Video 2:

We are also very grateful to 

for producing this video that so succinctly explains this issue we are dealing with.

Video link:


The outputs that we expect to achieve by the end of 2020 are summarised here:

  • A detailed project plan for a well-organised initiative post the initial establishment phase
  • A global network of subject-matter experts that have opted in to be part of the project
  • A minimum of a further 12 international meetings specifically dedicated to the project
  • Identification of and initial engagement with the 1,000 VIPs that, in effect, govern the way the financial system operates
  • A global network of Scientific Committee members; world-class academics
  • Fully-developed Finance Development Goals
  • The first edition of the book
  • The beginnings of a transformational change process of immeasurable value, worldwide
  • The creation of an opportunity for many spinoff research and activities



It is crystal clear that:

  • The Trust Deficit in financial services is a serious and systemic problem that adversely effects the wellbeing of society, economic stability and political stability
  • Our initiative is the first serious attempt to do something about the Trust Deficit on a coordinated, international basis
  • Our approach is wholly inclusive and has the potential to create a motivated movement for change involving all the key stakeholders necessary including politicians, policymakers and regulators; right around the world
  • Our approach is purposeful and pragmatic; we are happy to consider any alterations to our approach that would enable us to improve our chances of success



If you like the idea of becoming “part of the solution” and being included in this breakthrough initiative, please connect.

The way that we work is to establish the easiest and best way for people to become part of the global network of like-minded people that we are creating.

We believe that teams work best when people get the chance to play to their strengths and contribute in whichever way they would most like to.

So please reach out and let’s explore what’s best for you:


Thank you !

Further information about the TTF

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