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Why become a member of the Transparency Task Force?

First, please understand that TTF is a Certified Social Enterprise – we exist to make an impact, not to make a profit. However, whilst we don’t do our work for money, we do need money to do our work!

By supporting us through becoming a member, you’ll have the knowledge and satisfaction that you’re helping TTF to carry on its fight to fix what’s wrong with the financial services sector and the regulatory framework that is supposed to govern it. That’s a cause we believe to be both noble and necessary; and it’s a cause that we’re passionately committed to.

If you’re not already familiar with our wide range of activities, check out our manifesto and our Annual Reports, where you’ll see that we’re doing a great deal of worthwhile work to drive the kind of positive, progressive and purposeful reform that’s so desperately needed.

Hopefully, the above comments alone are enough to make you want to support the cause by becoming a member. If so, skip the table below and scroll to the bottom.

But if not, take a look at these further details about the benefits you would obtain by becoming a member:

Member Benefits



Associate Member

You’ll receive the Transparency Times, our weekly newsletter that provides details about our events, news, and much, much more. It goes to over 5,000 people in 21 countries.

Entitlement to attend our online symposia. We typically run several events a month and as a member, there’s no limit to how many you can attend. They are informative, insightful and participative.

Our events are also often rather edgy. That’s because we are not influenced by the commercial interests of financial sector sponsors, so we are free to deal with topics that other organisations won’t have the inclination (or courage) to. Furthermore, because we believe that “sunlight is the best disinfectant”, we use our events to “tell it as it is” regardless of how many inconvenient truths we are able to expose. 

Our previous online events are shown here: 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020

Entitlement to attend our online Book Club events and our online Film Club events

Free attendance to any in-person events that we may run, subject to venue capacity

Access to our library of previous event video recordings

The opportunity to participate in our groups; and the opportunity to lead one of them

The potential to participate in our special campaign meetings

Engagement with the team by Email/Zoom/phone as appropriate, to help deal with cases and issues that matter to you

The opportunity to be included in our work on consultations, so that your views can be considered

The opportunity to be included in our work on White Papers, Open Letters and campaigns to MPs

The potential to be invited to become an Ambassador of the TTF

The opportunity to feed into and influence our plans and priorities

The opportunity to be included in our Transparency Statements initiative

The potential to be involved with any future books that we might publish

The opportunity to be included in our network of volunteers

The potential to be invited to speak at our events

The opportunity to submit ‘Letters to the Editor’ for the Transparency Times

The opportunity to write guest blogs that appear in the Transparency Times and on social media

The opportunity to be included in new Facebook groups that we launch

The potential to initiate new campaign activities that focus on issues of great importance to you

The opportunity to be included in future Rallies for Better Financial Regulation

The value of being part of a unique, international community dedicated to fixing what’s wrong with the financial services sector and the regulatory framework that’s supposed to govern it.

If you might like to be included as a member of the Transparency Task Force, there are various payment options depending on your particular circumstances, including, for example, concessionary rates for scam victims.

Thanks for taking the time to read about becoming a member of the TTF; I do hope we can welcome you on board soon! 

Further information about the TTF

You can click on the button below to read about the 130+ Transparency Task Force Ambassadors. The list includes world class academics and highly respected thought leaders from right around the world.

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Transparency Task Force Advisory Group

You can click on the button below to read about the Transparency Task Force Advisory Group, which is Chaired by the former Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Consumer Panel.

Click here to see the TTF Advisory Group

If you want to read testimonials…

If you haven’t been to one of our events before you can use the link below to read some testimonials:

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