Update Briefings for Violation Tracker UK – the new, free-to-use research tool that tracks corporate misconduct

Violation Tracker UK is a massive new online research tool that brings together data on a wide range of regulatory infringements committed by all kinds of companies, from right across the UK.

It provides fingertip access to information on 65,000 cases brought by regulatory agencies that include:

  • The Serious Fraud Office
  • The Financial Conduct Authority
  • The Environment Agency
  • The Competition & Markets Authority
  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • The Pensions Regulator
  • The Employment Tribunal
  • The Financial Reporting Council
  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • The Payment Systems Regulator
  • HM Revenue & Customs; and over 30 other regulatory agencies.

All the hard work to bring the data together has been done for you. It’s been painstakingly assembled and made available in a remarkably easy-to-access and simple to search way.

And on top of all that, it’s available free to use, as a public good – what’s not to like?

Not surprising, then, that Violation Tracker UK has won support from politicians, academics, thought leaders and a wide range of stakeholders, as you can read here.

The phrase “knowledge is power” certainly rings true when it comes to Violation Tracker –

you can think of it as “A Transparency Machine” or an “MRI Scanner for Poor Corporate Conduct” or an “ESG Optimiser” or even an “Anti-Greenwash Engine” – it has a multitude of uses and it’s set to play an important part in driving positive, progressive, and purposeful corporate reform, by identifying patterns of serial offending and recidivism.

If you attend a briefing an invest just a little time to get to know Violation Tracker, we’re confident it will become a reliable and routine research resource for you, regardless of whether you’re:

  • A Parliamentarian or Parliamentary Researcher
  • A C-suite exec a major listed company
  • A student or academic
  • An institutional or private investor
  • A regulator or researcher
  • A consumer champion or a corporate crusader
  • An investigator or investigative journalist
  • A governance guru or a risk management professional
  • An activist or campaigner
  • A public affairs consultant or a reputation management consultant
  • A litigator or a lawyer
  • The leader of an NGO, charity, or a reform organisation
  • A trades unionist or an environmentalist
  • A concerned citizen who wants to better understand corporate misconduct
  • A conscientious consumer who’d like to know which companies to avoid buying from

Your briefing lasts just one hour, and there’s a range of dates to choose from:

  • Thursday, 24th February, from 2pm to 3pm
  • Thursday, 24th March, from 2pm to 3pm
  • Thursday, 26th May, from 2pm to 3pm
  • Thursday, 23rd June, from 2pm to 3pm
  • Thursday, 22nd September, from2pm to 3pm
  • Thursday, 27th October, from 2pm to 3pm

The database was compiled by a team of UK and U.S. researchers led by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First – the Washington, DC-based NGO that created the original U.S. Violation Tracker. Good Jobs First was founded in 1998 and it is a non-profit, non-partisan resource centre promoting government and corporate accountability.

Good Jobs First gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the following which made Violation Tracker UK possible:

  • The Joffe Charitable Trust
  • The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • The Reva & David Logan Foundation

Further information about the TTF

You can click on the button below to read about the 130+ Transparency Task Force Ambassadors. The list includes world class academics and highly respected thought leaders from right around the world.

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Transparency Task Force Advisory Group

You can click on the button below to read about the Transparency Task Force Advisory Group, which is Chaired by the former Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Consumer Panel.

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