Alexander Samarin


Alexander Samarin wrote his first software program in the year 1973. Since then he works with digital transformation projects (primarily as a leading architect) of different scale: company, community, corporation, canton, city, country, confederation, continent and civilization.

Based on his experience in many fields and being the author of two books (about LaTeX and BPM), he acts as a methodologist, architect and practitioner for architecting, building, operating and evolution digitally coordinated systems such as: digital enterprises, smart cities, digital currencies, digital territories and countries and digital governments.

He is a member of

  • ISO, IEC and ITU “Joint Task Force on Smart Cities”
  • ITU “Digital Currency Global Initiative”
  • IEC Strategic Group “Systems Approach and Digital Transformation” as a leader of “Architecture” task force
  • IEC System Committee “Smart Cities” as a convenor of WG3 “Reference Architecture”
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 /AG 8 “Meta Reference Architecture and Reference Architecture for Systems Integration”
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41/WG 6 as a co-editor of “Digital Twins reference Architecture”

He worked for: IFRC, UEFA, Schneider Electric, African Development Bank, the State of Geneva, BUPA, Groupe Mutuel, International Olympic Committee, ANU, ISO, CERN and IHEP.

At present, he runs his own consultancy company SAMARIN.BIZ

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