Dr Willi Brammertz

Dr. Brammertz obtained his PhD in Economics with a major on econometrics from the University of Zurich. His doctoral thesis discussed the elementary parts of finance which form the basis of any financial analysis.


While maintaining the foundation laid in his thesis, the concepts were continually refined and developed with a special focus on integrating statistical modelling. He co-founded early 1996 Iris ag in Zurich and applied these insights in the analytic platform for banks – riskpro™ – which has been sold to date to more than 300 banks in about forty countries worldwide.


The success of riskpro™ derived from its simple core – the idea of Contract Types – which led to an unparalleled clarity of design, consistency, transparency and completeness on the analytic level – risk management, finance and regulatory reporting. Iris was sold in 2008.


Brammertz published widely in the field and is a speaker at conferences.


Currently Brammertz works on the next logical step which is the Open Source implementation of the standard Contract Types. In this capacity he is chairman of the ACTUS User Association.

Parallel to this, he is managing director of ARIADNE, a company specialized on financial analytics especially financial planning based on statistical results. ARIADNE is built on the ACTUS standard.


He also teaches on this subject in a regular masters and PhD course at the University of Zurich/ETH Zürich.

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