Gavin Palmer

Mr Gavin FL Palmer B.Eng (Mech.) Exon. is a former Director and London Regional Chairman of the UK Shareholders Association. In 2014 he won the Best Conference Paper at the House of Commons Corporate Governance Conference with a paper on Shareholder Nomination to the AGM Committees. He is Managing Director of four property and equity investment companies.

He graduated a year early from Exeter University with a 4 year general and Mechanical Engineering 2:1 Degree, inventing airline wingtips as a drag reduction device during his third year individual project in 1992.

He has been an angel investor in high end audio equipment. Active since 1991 for Corporate Governance reform, submitting a highly regarded Paper to a HM Government Corporate Governance review. He is a Founding signatory to the Shell Climate Change shareholder resolution working with Follow This Founder Mark van Baal for over 5 years, with the shareholder resolution going global and gaining the support of thousands of Pension Fund trustees worldwide.

For 8 years he created and taught Investment Principles Training, established in 1996 to teach business analysis and successful investing to hundreds of students mimicking the teachers of investment Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. He has been invited to join a General Election policy team in the UK and assists actions for good governance in the UK.


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