Jacqueline Hill FRSA

Jacqueline wants to make a positive difference by supporting people who are actively working to make the world a better place.

Professionally, she offers leadership coaching, change mentoring, reflective practice and connecting good ideas and people (www.jhillassociates.co.uk).  More personally, she is developing her approach to #kindactivism, as illustrated in her linked in profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/Jacqueline mhill/

Jacqueline’s career started in IT followed by sales and marketing roles in the oil and chemicals and banking sectors for an international decision support software company. After 4 years she joined a client organisation heading up a team delivering management information to foreign exchange traders in a bank.  That is when Jacqueline first saw the best and worst of behaviours brought about by deregulation of the markets “people were gambling with my mortgage and savings!”

Headhunted to join a start-up software company, Jacqueline spent the next six years leading teams and developing customer and partnership relationships. To satisfy her increasing curiosity about what makes organisations and people tick, she spent the following six years with Hay Group (now Korn Ferry) as a management consultant.

Jacqueline then experienced her first career cross-roads and first work with a coach who helped Jacqueline to get in touch with her values and identify her personal purpose. As a result, Jacqueline negotiated a sabbatical year from Hay Group and volunteered as a strategic planning advisor for a small not-for-profit organisation in Bangladesh – a life-changing experience.

Jacqueline realised that she could contribute best by sharing her skills with those actively working to make the world a better place and has found Transparency Taskforce to be full of such people!

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