Larry Elford

Larry is founder of in Canada, which seeks to understand motivations that warp financial systems from being of service to the public, to becoming a dangerous drain upon the public.

After spending two decades as a retail broker in Canada’s largest banks it became imperative to understand what was seen as a pandemic of professional financial abuse.  He has testified to parliamentary committees four times in the last decade and is a consulting director to the Small Investor Protection Association of Canada,
Larry is also an author and film producer. He was included in John Lawrence Reynolds’ second edition bestselling book, The Naked Investor, Why Almost Everybody But You Gets Rich On Your RRSP, and Bruce Livesey’s Best Seller, Thieves of Bay Street, How Banks, Brokerages and the Wealthy Steal Billions from Canadians. He produced a documentary film titled “Breach of Trust, The Unique Violence of White Collar Crime”, to benefit investors, legislators and those who investigate financial crime.
What he has observed over the last two decades of the 1900s, and the first two decades of the 21st-century, is condensed into a book titled  “ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL MURDER…”, to be released March 2018. The book argues that organized acts by financial professionals, drains North America by as much money as ALL other criminal acts combined.
Larry is a director of the Canadian Justice Review Board, an advisory group which brings independent oversight to the state of affairs of justice systems. His interest springs from decades of observed investment regulatory capture, and financial industry capture of related professions including elements of justice and law.
Interested persons are invited to join and to share experiences and solutions on social media:
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Twitter:  @RecoveredBroker
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