Neil Scarth

Neil Scarth is a Principal of Frost Consulting, which works with asset managers and asset owners on a variety of research issues including research valuation/budgeting software platforms (FrostRB), strategy-level research spending database/benchmarks (FrostDB), and investment process ESG ratings.

Frost also works with asset owners to identify potential performance risks to equity strategies related to changes in research spending/process resulting from commercial pressures and regulatory change globally.

Research spending is an important input for most active equity strategies.  Frost solutions allow asset managers and asset owners to collaborate on mutually transparent research budgets designed to allow the investment strategy to meet its targeted return.  It is in the interest of both parties for the product to succeed.

Research transparency and “sustainability” are emerging as ESG factors and stewardship/ governance issues for asset owners.

Neil has held a wide range of roles in asset management and investment banking in both Europe and North America, ranging from running equities businesses at global banks to launching and managing all aspects of varying asset management products.

Neil was appointed to the UK Investment Management Association’s Research Review Advisory Panel and has consulted extensively with global regulators on research issues. Frost has authored papers on research topics for, and in collaboration with, the CFA Institute, the University of Edinburgh, and Stanford University.

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