Interim conclusions of the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign

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Wednesday, November 3rd from 6pm to 8pm UK time"


Online symposium via Zoom.


There'll be a great line-up of speakers plus ample scope for discussion and debate.

Why you should attend

This event covers a matter that is so shocking that it’s virtually unbelievable; but it’s true. 

It’s to do with the allegation that there has been widespread forging of signatures and documents by British banks.

That’s so shocking it needs repeating, with a bit of emphasis; the event really is all about the allegation that there has been widespread forging of signatures and documents by British banks! 

It’s on Zoom from 6pm to 8pm, on Wednesday 3rd November. You can attend at no cost, but all places must be booked in advance, using the link I provide.

The event’s title is: 

“Interim conclusions of the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign – 30 years of alleged systemic crime by banks against UK customers”  

If you don’t know about the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign, here’s some background: 

FACT: In July 2019 the Treasury Select Committee wrote to the Director General of the National Crime Agency asking her to engage directly with the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign and investigate. 

FACT: Since then, the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign has provided the National Crime Agency with over 700 crime reports and 26 files of evidence, including banks allegedly forging signatures, fabricating evidence and concealing evidence in court cases against customers.

FACT: The evidence from the public has been corroborated by evidence from bank senior manager whistle-blowers, external banking advisors, internal bank documents, and admissions & omissions by bank executives.

FACT: The Campaign’s interim conclusions so far are that some banks have allegedly engaged in industrial-scale systemic crime against UK consumer and business customers resulting from standard business processes or organisational culture.

The event will be about bringing everybody up to speed with what has happened so far, with a detailed presentation about alleged systemic serious organised crime by some banks against UK consumer and business customers, summarising the conclusions so far of the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign.

The session will be of particular interest to:

  • Individual consumer and business customer bank victims; the event will show how the evidence in your own case may have resulted from alleged bank standard business processes and culture which some believe has harmed over 1 million customers of British banks over the last 30 years!
  • Others who may have suffered any kind of malpractice, malfeasance, misconduct and mis-selling,  especially those who have suffered as a consequence of one kind of catastrophic regulatory failure or another, such as the victims of the IRHP mis-selling scandal by the banks, engineered bankruptcies, weaponization of the insolvency service, the mortgage prisoners, those now involved with BBRS, victims of LC&F, Blackmore Bond, Connaught income Series 1, and so on
  • MPs, Lords, journalists, campaigners; who will be very interested to know about the key themes, issues, conclusions and next steps resulting from an analysis of the evidence. 

For us at the Transparency Task Force, this whole saga is very, very worrying on two fronts: 

  • Firstly, that the allegations are having to be made in the first place
  • Secondly, and perhaps even more worryingly; why matters haven’t already been resolved

We have a great line-up of speakers as usual, including:

  • Anthony Stansfeld, anti-corruption campaigner and former Police Crime Commissioner at Thames Valley Police
  • Julian Watts, Founder of the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign
  • Lord Prem Sikka, Emeritus Professor of Accounting and Finance, Universities of Sheffield and Essex

…so please do take this opportunity to attend, learn about what has allegedly been happening and perhaps most importantly, show your support for those who have had the courage to “stand up, rather than stand by” and fight the fight – this is about as David versus Goliath as it gets!

Please be sure to attend this one if at all possible; and brace yourself for being shocked!

Here's the programme and timings so far...

One Reply to “Interim conclusions of the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign”

  1. Not just banks… insurance companies too. But how do they get away with it?

    Crooked in-house lawyers and regulators like the FOS; the latter should be allowed nowhere near forgery and fraud.

    Inspired by Julian Watts, I am just completing my dossier of papers and evidence on the London & Manchester (now part of Aviva) tabloid loan page scam from which Aviva has been unjustifiably enriched.

    My story would be unbelievably without the papers and letters from the perpetrators to support it. MJR

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