Saving the Lost Value

This event has now taken place but you can watch the video recording of it through our Youtube Channel, get to it by clicking the button below


Tuesday, September 28th from 6pm to 8pm UK time"


Online symposium via Zoom.


There'll be a great line-up of speakers plus ample scope for discussion and debate.

Why you should attend

Almost all pension funds are haemorrhaging value because of the sub-optimal execution of voluntary corporate actions, such as scrip dividends.

It’s a big problem for pension funds, and something of a “secret issue” that the Transparency Task Force is keen to shine a light on. We believe that far too few pensions, investment and governance professionals know about the issue in sufficient detail, even though it’s causing material detriment to quite literally thousands of pension schemes and millions of pension savers.

We have a first-class line-up of speakers, who are going to be explaining this complex and technical issue in straightforward terms, focusing on what should be done about the problem. They’ll be explaining the nature of the problem, the opportunity for schemes to stop haemorrhaging value moving forward and the relevance of this topic to a wide range of stakeholders; not just pension scheme trustees. 

We believe this is going to be a particularly interesting and educational session that has the potential to reward attendees’ investment in time many times over.

Our hope and expectation, is that delegates will come away with some fresh insights and a valuable list of implementable ideas and action points including:

  •     What causes the “lost value” problem in the first place; and who is responsible for it
  •     The amount of money being lost by pension schemes in the UK and overseas
  •     The consequence of the compounding effect of these losses over time
  •     Why it’s so important we all frame the issue in a forward-thinking and solution-orientated way, as opposed to focusing on potential litigation/liability risks for trustees, custodians, asset managers, investment professionals, governance consultants, risk managers and so on
  •     The role that technology can play in providing an efficient and effective solution
  •     Why taking remedial action about the lost value problem is something of a “no-brainer” because the opportunity to evaluate the problem to you at no cost and at no risk, by “running the numbers” to evaluate the issue on a scheme-specific basis

Delegates can attend and just observe/listen to the presentations/conversations if you wish; but if you prefer you are very welcome to join in with the Q&A and discussions that follow each of the main presentations.

Here's the programme and timings so far...

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