Charles Fowler

World Values Day / UK Values Alliance

For over 30 years Charles was involved in international asset management, for much of that time as a manager of funds invested in Asian and emerging stock-markets. He managed the largest closed-end fund investing in Asia at the time, together with other closed-ended and open-ended funds. He also helped set up a number of specialist direct investment and private equity management companies in the region.  He later became Co-Chair of Govett Investments and, after they were bought out, set up and led a listed boutique investment management business.

During his long career in investment he became keenly aware of the need for greater transparency in retail investment products and advisory services, and the urgent need for a cultural shift in attitudes and behaviours in the financial services industry as a whole.

Since 2003 Charles has been the Chair of an educational charity, the Human Values Foundation, which helps children’s social and emotional development through learning about and practising values. For the last three years has been a member of the Steering Group of the UK Values Alliance which aims to place values at the heart of society.  He is the main co-ordinator of the  World Values Day, an annual campaign which raises awareness of the fundamental importance of values in addressing the many serious individual, organisational and societal problems in the world today.

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