Detecting Deception with Truth Unlocked


Tuesday, November 21st, from 6pm - 7:30pm GMT


Online via Zoom.


There'll be a great line-up of speakers plus ample scope for discussion and debate.

Why You Should Attend...

We are pleased to invite you to join us to learn some of the techniques Truth Unlocked use in detecting deception, which can be used in your business and your daily lives.

Using real-life case examples, they will unveil how it is possible to enter the mind of a suspect, and how the words they use often have a far deeper psychological meaning than what is on a page.

Those that seek to deceive us personally, professionally, or within a criminal case do not lie. They will not provide details which could incriminate them. Often, their statements can be 100% truthful, yet still be deceptive. If they seek to conceal their guilt, then how can we tell if they are lying? Truth Unlocked will reveal how – and in doing so they will help you make more informed, crystallised decisions without being deceived.

Truth Unlocked have worked on hundreds of cases – including financial crime, murders, anonymous author threats, extortion, sexual crimes, child abductions and many other crimes worldwide. They lead monthly training sessions working on both live and cold cases to an international team of analysts including law enforcement, FBI, military intelligence, psychologists and child forensic interviewers.

We welcome you to join us on a journey where our speakers will explain the power of forensic linguistics to unlock the truth behind a suspect’s words.

Andy Agathangelou says:

“In this ‘post-truth era’ in which we sadly find ourselves, deception is everywhere. This is a major problem that society as a whole is having to wrestle with, but it’s also particular problem for those that need to get to the truth – be they journalists, law enforcement professionals, or anybody else including activist campaigners like me who are highly motivated to expose malpractice, malfeasance, misconduct, mis-selling and even outright fraud in the financial sector. 

It follows that I would place enormous value on a specialist forensic service that helps to identify written or spoken statements that appear they may have been designed to deceive. Such a service would enable the user to focus attention on specific points in such statements and therefore provide a helpful guide to where further scrutiny, analysis and investigative questioning should be targeted.

The service described is precisely what Truth Unlocked does; and I know with certainty that it works.

I can make that statement of support because amongst other things I’m the founder of the Transparency Task Force, which has benefited greatly from Truth Unlocked’s services on several occasions. We are a campaign organisation dedicated to cleaning up financial services. Everything we do is built on the idea that ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’ and in my first-hand experience Truth Unlocked is a big, bright ray of sunshine.

Thank goodness we were told about Truth Unlocked because Paul and his team have provided vital insights into the statements and interviews of suspects of financial and regulatory wrongdoing on cases with a value of hundreds of millions of pounds. Each time we have tested the service, Truth Unlocked has come up with ultra-helpful analysis, helping us to see remarkably important clues to deception that we would not have seen on our own; it’s a bit like putting on a pair of night-vision glasses, instead of scrabbling around in the dark – and it means we can carefully craft highly targeted questions for further exploration; the kind of questions our person-or-organisation-of interest would least want to be asked.

We unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend Truth Unlocked for anybody that wants assistance in getting to the truth  – the service can save time and money, and provide reassurance throughout. But there’s no need to rely on my opinion – give it a go and draw your own conclusions.”

Here's the programme so far...

Andy Agathangelou

Founder, Transparency Task Force; Chair, Secretariat Committee, APPG on Personal Banking and Fairer Financial Services; Chair of the Violation Tracker UK Advisory Board


Sunil Chadda

Director, Truth Unlocked


Paul Maillardet

Truth Unlocked


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