Annemarie Borg

Environmentalist, Educator and Speaker for Ocean Preservation, Climate Change and Education Reform.
Visual / Artist / Photographer / Composer / Musician / Singer / Performance Coach


Founder and Director of the Antara Project
French and Swedish extraction


DES in Business and International Comparative Law from the University Paris


Opera Performance and Music History (London)
Counselling and psychotherapy (London)

On the Antara Project and my work:
Antara means from the heart. This project relies on communication, imagination and transparency. It aims to raise awareness in many areas which affect us all today and
for the future. (Education, Information, Climate Change, Ocean Conservation, Digital Inequality, Poverty and Social Change in a Global Perspective.) I firmly believe that “creativity” has an important place in our education system in order to empower the next generations to face and create a brighter future.

CREATIVITY and EDUCATION To teach any subject needs to include allowing one who learns and one who teaches to be creative and imaginative…To learn to think for oneself is imperative.

creativity > self esteem > inner strength > focus > courage >
commitment > empowers us to tackle change and leads to a
happier state of being

In the stillness we seek there lies an inevitable motion called Change.

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