David Laity

  • 1st job laboratory technical in a photographic processing laboratory.
  • 2nd job South Crofty Mine; mining laboratory analytical scientist
  • Formal career; Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer, Penzance Hospital Pathology Laboratory.
  • Over 4 years gained ONC and HND, Medical Laboratory Science.

November 1979 joined Devon and Cornwall Police; experience in many departments over the next 24 years;

  • Nominated Probationer of year 1981
  • Emergency response, community officer, Acting Sergeant 3 years
  • Trained in General Police Duties, statement taking, self-defence, driving incident & interceptor vehicles; specialist 4×4 off road/adverse conditions.
  • Advanced Driving Courses, Devises Police Driving School; awarded top police driver of year, highest final marks:
  • Appointed Youngest to be made CID officer in Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Served as CID detective Hayle, Camborne, Redruth, St Ives & Penzance, Newquay, Helston working major cases with Drug Squads, Regional Crime Squads, Special Branch & Surveillance Teams setting up covert video and audio operations.
  • As an appointed Police Tutor, he trained numerous new recruits who spent 6 months under his supervision before he certified them as suitable officers.
  • For 5 consecutive years David acted as an ambassador for the British Police spending a week at a time in France in Police uniform at national events to promote international tourism and cooperation.
  • Currently in final semester of third year of BA Hons Degree in Television (Specialising as Director, producer, cinematographer, documentarist)

During his time in these various employments, David learnt to deal with new situations requiring quick decisions and responses, often under stressful conditions. He learned to cope with very heavy workloads with multiple simultaneous jobs all usually heavily reliant upon him finding an adequate solution within a short time frame and which satisfied various peoples’ needs.

David’s latest venture since 2015 was to develop 4 luxury properties which, due to criminal fraud by Lloyds bank employees attempting to defraud him of his assets for their financial gain, he now finds himself embroiled in numerous litigation suits and member of victim groups assisting similar victims.

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