Frances Gordon

For the past 20 years, Frances has championed the belief that transparency is key to building trust. During this time, she has worked with major financial services brands to make financial and legal information more understandable, usable and useful.

Frances is the co-founder of a consultancy and training company called Simplified.  Simplified has helped large organisations around the world to implement the plain-language requirements of Treating Customers Fairly regulations and consumer rights laws. The Simplified training course has helped over 8,000 professionals, including many legal practitioners, to write in plain language. Aside from the UK, Frances enjoys engagements in emerging markets such as Croatia, South Africa and Nigeria.

Her career has included tenures as Head of Content Strategy at Siegel & Gale, Senior Content Strategist (VP) at Barclaycard, and Head of Brand and Content at fintech, Oradian. Frances sat on the board of international plain language organisation, PLAIN (Plain Language Association InterNational).  She was part of the advisory committee of IC Clear, an EU-funded initiative that developed a post-graduate course in clear communication.

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