Kay Ingram

Kay Ingram is a writer, commentator, conference presenter and broadcaster on personal finance. A Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Insurance Practitioner, she has previously advised companies and individuals on all aspects of personal finance and employee benefits.

She is a passionate believer in the need for financial education and for financial services firms to design their services to promote good consumer outcomes.  She supports the goals of the Transparency Taskforce and would like to see every household being given access to financial guidance and advice which is clear, fair and relevant to their needs.

She wants women to avoid falling into the Gender Pensions Gap and has written a practical guide to help them plan for a secure retirement. She regularly contributes to the consumer press including Investors Chronicle, Express and Mail and specialist publications What Investment, Accountancy and Reward Strategy. She is keen to encourage employers to help their staff access good advice and guidance through the workplace and believes that employers will distinguish themselves by offering financial well being benefits which in turn will lead to greater productivity and retention.

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