Laurence Wormald

Since 1992, Laurence Wormald has held positions at several central banks, investment
banks and financial technology firms. He is now working as an independent consultant in
investment risk management.


Laurence started his career as a university lecturer in
theoretical physics, before joining an investment team at the Bank for International Settlements in Basle in 1992. He went on to work at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt
and the at the Bank of England (Monetary Analysis Division) until 2002, supporting the economic research and monetary policy committees at those central banks.


After a spell as chief risk officer for a London-based proprietary trading unit of Deutsche Bank until 2008, for 10 years Laurence held the position of head of research at FIS’ buy-side, valuation and trading businesses, responsible for the team which developed and maintains the widely-used multi-asset-class market factor risk model APT.

Risk management underpins all modern finance as the essential discipline for practitioners and financial product development. The integrity of the models which are used in risk management is critical to transparency and policy-making across banking, investment management and trading. Laurence has served on the councils of academic institutions such as the Centre for Computational Finance at Essex University, and with professional
societies such as Inquire UK, to try to develop the most intuitive and rigorous models for pricing and risk management.

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