Nicholas Ashford

Nicholas Ashford is Professor of Technology & Policy and Director of the Technology & Law Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses in Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics; Law, Technology, and Public Policy; and Technology, Globalization and Sustainable Development.  Dr. Ashford is a Faculty Associate of the Center for Socio-technical Research in the School of Engineering; the Institute for Work and Employment Research in the Sloan School of Management; and the Environmental Policy Group in the Urban Studies Department.  He holds both a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Law Degree from the University of Chicago, where he also received graduate education in Economics.  Dr. Ashford is also a visiting scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health and has taught intensive courses in Sustainable Development, and European & International Environmental Law at Harvard University, Cambridge University, UK and at the Cyprus University of Technology.

Dr. Ashford is the co-author of two textbooks/readers used in his classes: Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development: Transforming the Industrial State (2018, revised edition, Routledge/Earthscan Press; see and Environmental Law, Policy and Economics: Reclaiming the Environmental Agenda (2008, MIT Press; see He also authored a major policy work for the Ford Foundation, Crisis in the Workplace: Occupational Disease and Injury, (1976, MIT Press). He co-authored four additional books: Public Participation in Contaminated Communities, (2001,

; Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes (second edition 1998, John Wiley Press; Chemical Exposures:  Low Levels and High Stakes, N.A. Ashford and C.S. Miller, Second Edition, John Wiley Press, 1998, 440 pages. Available for free at (click to obtain pdf version); Technology, Law and the Working Environment (second edition 1996, Island Press) and Monitoring the Worker for Exposure and Disease (1990, John Hopkins University Press). He has published several hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals and law reviews.

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