Paul Smith

Forensic Accountant,
Paul Smith Consultancy Services

Paul is a former accredited financial investigator, confiscation officer and the holder of an MSc in Forensic Accounting, he has a very unique skill set. He has a long history of working in the law enforcement arena. He has used these skills to investigate major and serious and organised crime in the UK and internationally. He is skilled in the investigation of money laundering, anti-corruption, fraud, and wider financial crime matters. He has used a broad mix of legislation to remove the benefit from criminal enterprise. As an international investigator, he understands the full range of international cooperation mechanisms available. Paul also has a background in adult protection matters and is also a safeguarding expert, specialising in elder fraud, such as financial abuse committed by those holding a power of attorney or deputyship. This type of abuse is often uncovered by executors in a probate investigation.  He is able to act as an expert witness in any court setting, Civil, Criminal or Court of Protection. 

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