Toby Corballis

Toby is an Organisational Change expert and Agile Coach who works with leadership to implement Organisational Change using Agile methods through his company StoryPositive. His work focuses on organisational redesign and helping companies remove bottlenecks to achieve Flow.

He is an accredited Executive Coach, holds a Postgraduate Diploma from Saïd Business School in Organisational Leadership, and is an Affiliate Member of the British Psychological Society.

Toby has worked with leadership in Investment Banks, Exchanges, Insurance, and Fintech firms. He is especially interested in helping firms achieve profit and lower costs through proven Agile tools and with high standards of leadership and decency.

Toby is also the host of the Wicked Problems podcast, a look at the world’s seemingly intractable problems and the work of those trying to solve them, which is available on all good podcast players as well as at


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