How would you Reform the Finance Sector in Hong Kong?

Online symposium using interactive Zoom. 

Tuesday, November 3rd, from 6pm until 8pm, HKT

Primarily for people in Hong Kong, but others welcome too!

Sponsorship opportunities available – please get in touch

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This symposium is all about galvanising support for the positive, progressive and purposeful finance reform that is so desperately needed.

If you believe there is scope for the financial services sector in Hong Kong to serve society better, then this is an event for you. 

If you know about problems around market conduct that need fixing then, please do all you can to participate Рwe want to hear from you. 

Furthermore,¬†if you have ideas about what can be done to make a positive difference, then it’s vital you get involved. We know there are many great¬†ideas that can help drive the transformational change that is desperately needed; and we want to shine a big bright light on those ideas.¬†

There are many important questions that need to be discussed and our events are all about creating a forum where people can¬†“tell it¬†as it is”¬†and be heard, not ignored.¬†¬†

Do the financial regulators in Hong Kong have sufficient powers to properly govern the sector?

  • If they do have sufficient¬†powers,¬†are those¬†powers being used¬†effectively?
  • Are¬†vested interests¬†getting in the way¬†of consumers getting good outcomes?
  • Are¬†there¬†positive innovations¬†available that are being ignored,¬†because they challenge vested interests and the status quo?
  • Are the public finding it¬†easy to get the information they need to¬†make well-informed decisions?
  • Are¬†class actions¬†having to fill the void¬†created by ineffective regulatory enforcement?
  • Are the¬†fiduciary standard and best interest rules¬†working¬†as intended?
  • Is the financial services sector in Hong Kong¬†serving society¬†as it should?
  • Has the Friedmanite idea of¬†‚Äúmaximising profit in the short term‚Ä̬†spoiled the culture in financial services?
  • What are the¬†underlying forces driving¬†poor market conduct?
  • Is the¬†regulatory framework¬†in Hong Kong¬†working as it should? ‚Äď if not, what can be done?
  • Should there be a¬†“Financial Consumers Bill of Rights?”

These are the types of questions and issues that impact the public’s perceptions of the¬†financial services sector, which has been¬†riddled with¬†various types of¬†malpractice, malfeasance, misconduct¬†and mis-selling¬†for many¬†years.¬†¬†¬†

The¬†reputational integrity¬†of the sector has been badly damaged.¬†That’s¬†why the Transparency Task Force is initiating and facilitating¬†a global conversation about what’s wrong in financial services; and what needs to be done to fix it.¬†

Furthermore, through those discussions we are creating a framework for finance reform that is designed to drive positive, progressive and purposeful change.

Please do join us for what promises to be an interesting, engaging and thought-provoking event.

There will be a range of stakeholders involved, including some of our Ambassadors and members of our TTF International community. 

We’ll also be touching on a range of insights, ideas and initiatives that are referenced in our new book,¬†entitled

“Why we must rebuild trustworthiness and confidence in financial services; and how we can do it.”

Please get involved and be part of the solution.

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Who should participate?

This online event will be of particular interest to individuals and organisations that authentically align with the idea that the financial services sector is important and that there is scope fr improvement in how it works.

You can expect to be ‚Äėamongst‚Äô progressively minded and collaboratively minded people.

On the basis that ‚Äúprogress begins with realism‚ÄĚ we’ll be running the event as a forum to enable everybody to ‚Äúsay it as they see it.‚ÄĚ We will be facilitating the kind of candid yet constructive discussion that is needed to help move matters forward.

We don’t think any one person or organisation has all the answers; and we also think that all answers are worth listening to, so if you’ve got a point of view that you’d like to share, and are keen to hear the views of others, this is definitely an event for you.

This symposium will cover important topics that will be of particular interest to:

  • Think Tanks and Civil Society Groups with an interest in the financial ecosystem
  • Economists
  • Industry Observers, Commentators; the Media in General
  • Policymakers
  • Regulators
  • Politicians interested in¬†the¬†financial services sector
  • Financial Conduct Professionals
  • Sustainaility experts¬†
  • Bankers and representatives of Banking organisations
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Pension Professionals
  • Financial Planners
  • Fiduciaries
  • Financial Services Trade Bodies and Professional Associations
  • Academics and researchers in governance, stewardship, ethics, conduct and compliance in the banking, investment and pensions space;¬†and¬†more


We will be using Zoom.

We will be structuring the event in such a way that it will be as engaging and as interactive as we can possibly make it. We‚Äôll ¬†be working hard to create as ‚Äúlife-like‚ÄĚ an event as possible, with every opportunity taken to create interaction and engagement.

There will be several presentations with Q&A sessions and an open discussion and debate session towards the end.

Here’s the programme and timings, so far*

6:00pm HKT

Welcome to the symposium, introductions and initial exploration of the main issues;¬†plus “Why we must rebuild trustworthiness and confidence in financial services; and how we can do it”¬†by¬†

Andy Agathangelou FRSA

Founder, Transparency Task Force; Governor, Pensions Policy Institute; Chair of the Secretariat Committee to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pension Scams; former Founding Chair, Friends of Automatic Enrolment; former Founding Chair, Association of Member Nominated Trustees

6:20pm HKT

Presentation #1, for 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A with facilitated discussion, by

David Piesse

Global Chairman of IIS Ambassadors, International Insurance Society /Insurance Development Forum

Global Insurance Evangelist and advisory board of Guardtime a leading cybersecurity company and blockchain provider specializing in cryptography for data integrity. Their keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) is utilized across the defence industry and into the supply chain, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing verticals. They have an underlying application for data privacy laws such as GDPR.  In May 2018 EY, Guardtime and Maersk with members of the insurance industry launched InsurWave the first global commercial insurance blockchain backed platform to enter production commencing with marine insurance.

Advisory board of Ultimate Risk Solutions and previous Asia Pacific Lead assisting URS introduce Risk Explorer into emerging market and inter operate with new innovations such as InsurWave.

Chairman of the International Insurance Society Ambassadors (IIS) he assists the management introduce new programs to extend membership and introduce localized content.

He has held numerous positions in a 40 year career including Global Insurance Lead for SUN Microsystems, Asia Pacific Chairman for Unirisx, United Nations Risk Management Consultant, Canadian government roles and staring career in Lloyds of London and associated market.

He is currently involved in numerous startups for exponential technologies for blockchain and AI across multiple vertical industries.

He is an Asia Pacific specialist having lived in Asia 30 years with educational background at the British Computer Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute. On July 2017 he received the Kenneth Black Jr  Distinguished Service Award from the International Insurance Society.

Click the button below to download David’s slides:

6:35pm HKT

Presentation #2, for 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A with facilitated discussion, by

Rick Adkinson

Managing Director, Private Capital

Rick is the Managing Director and Responsible Officer of Private Capital Limited (PCL), a Hong Kong based fiduciary Wealth Management and Financial Planning firm.

Incorporated in 1998 Private Capital is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to provide Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities in Hong Kong.

Rick was Chief Executive from 1998 to April 2019 of the Group Medical Insurance and Protection Planning arm of Private Capital, regulated by the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers.  Rick is a member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) and was a board member appointed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

In the UK, Rick is member of both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) and holds the CISI Financial Planning and Advice Diploma (QCF Level 4).

6:50pm HKT

Short leg-stretch and comfort break, for 10 minutes


7:00pm HKT

Presentation #3, for 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A with facilitated discussion, by

Musheer Ahmed

Managing Director, FinStep Asia

Musheer is the Managing Director of FinStep Asia, providing advisory on Fintech & Digital ecosystems in Asia and launching the first cross border program for B2B Indian Fintech firms to scale and expand into Greater China and SE Asia. He is cofounder and board member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and has an extensive background in financial services and technology, having been a global markets trader for a decade, and a management consultant following his MBA.  He is a member of United Nations ESCAP ESBN Youth and Women Entrepreneurs Taskforce (YET) and co-founder of IndiaTech Hong Kong, a platform for bridging India and China Greater Bay Area.

Musheer has a keen interest in technologies impacting/disrupting investment banking such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital banking. He has a strong passion to bridge India and China Greater Bay Area, and has driven on various initiatives to connect the two ecosystems.  He is a mentor and keynote speaker at industry events across the region and guest lecturer on topics of Fintech, Digital Banking, Investment Management, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence at HKU, HKUST, HKU Space, CUHK and Lingnan University.  He has written blogs on Fintech and Investment Banking and been quoted in various media channels, including on CNBC, Bloomberg, SCMP, IFLR, Asian Investor, Medici, Economic Times, etc.


7:15pm HKT

Presentation #4, for 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A with facilitated discussion, by

Jonathan Crompton

Partner, RPC

Jonathan Crompton helps companies and individuals navigate complex cross-border disputes and investigations involving their Asian business, specialising in particular in financial services and technology related disputes and cyber incidents.

Jonathan advises on all forms of disputes including litigation before national courts and arbitral tribunals operating under various rules (in particular, HKIAC, ICC and UNCITRAL), and on investigations by regulators (notably financial services regulators such as the Securities and Futures Commission). His clients include senior individuals, asset managers, and leading multi-national corporations and brands. As a result of RPC’s predominantly ‘conflict free’ model for financial services disputes, Jonathan represents senior individuals and companies in claims brought by or against leading banks where other firms are unable to act.¬†

As Asia lead for RPC’s ‘ReSecure’ 24/7 cyber incident response service, Jonathan also frequently acts as incident response manager / breach coordinator for cyber-attacks and other data breaches across Asia, helping clients investigate, manage and mitigate the harmful effects to their businesses, and advising on data protection regimes and reporting obligations across Asia. He also helps clients across the globe recover sums transferred as a result of cyber and other frauds.

Jonathan has practiced in London, Hong Kong and Thailand and speaks English, French and conversational Swedish.

7:30pm HKT 

The ‚ÄúJust a Minute‚ÄĚ Round

Inspired by the BBC Radio 4 programme, we have asked a selection of our attendees to spend just a minute sharing their thoughts on what has been covered during the symposium. 

But unlike the Radio 4 programme our speakers won’t be penalised for hesitation, repetition or deviation!

7:30pm HKT

Open discussion & debate, 15 minutes

7:55pm HKT until 8:00pm HKT

Final conclusions; suggested next steps and close to the formal proceedings. 

However, for¬†those that want it…

8:00pm HKT until 8:30pm HKT

‚Ķinformal, unstructured networking and¬†informal¬†conversation;¬†a¬†‚Äúfireside¬†chat‚ÄĚ amongst friends as it were.
* The programme will continuously evolve so is subject to change

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