Post Panorama; what could Parliamentarians do now?


There are 3 events you can attend: ***Tuesday, August 16th from 10pm-11pm BST ***, Wednesday August 17th from 12pm-1pm BST ***Wednesday, August 17th from 6pm-7pm BST


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These are free-to-attend Zoom meetings and you can attend one, two or all three of them if you wish.

Why You Should Attend...

A very important BBC Panorama programme is scheduled for Tuesday, 16th August at 9pm (UK time).

It is expected to take a deep dive into the Financial Conduct Authority and its failure to provide an appropriate degree of consumer protection, despite that being one of the objectives set for it by Parliament.

Our understanding is that the programme will initially focus on the Blackmore Bond scandal, and then move onto the wider, systemic issues at the FCA that have led to widespread consumer detriment, for example through Woodford, LC&F, Connaught, Premier FX, fraudulent IRHP mis-selling by banks, the various Peer to Peer lenders, and so on.

We’d like all TTF members to watch the programme please, especially as TTF gets a mention or two – you can watch it live or on catch-up.

Clearly, as an organisation dedicated to reforming the financial sector so that it serves society better, we mustn’t waste the unique opportunity that the Panorama programme provides to create a platform for serious debate about how to reduce the incidence of chronic and catastrophic regulatory failure, and the consequential consumer detriment and reputational damage it leads to.

In particular, we want to help fix the regulatory framework so that as few people as possible have the kind of devastating life experiences described by the 22 case studies in our latest discussion paper…

          …that you can download here.

The discussion paper explains how the “blast radius” of the “collateral damage” caused by regulatory failure cases is extensive  – the human cost and suffering is extreme, sometimes even leading to suicide. 

We have therefore arranged special meetings for Parliamentarians, scam victims, campaigners, policymakers, regulators, journalists and all TTF members to be able to discuss the kind of policy initiatives that could lead to the reforms that are so desperately needed.

Each of the special meetings we have arranged will initially reflect on the key issues raised by the Panorama programme, before going on to consider what Parliamentarians could do during this Parliamentary session, to legislate to improve the FCA’s consumer protection performance. We’ll be focusing on the Economic Crime Bill and the Financial Services and Markets Bill.

Whether you most want to:

● Achieve better protection of the public’s financial welfare, which is already under the spotlight because of the cost-of-living crisis; or
● Stop the ongoing collapse of trust and confidence in the UK’s financial sector, which has taken a real battering due to the constant drip, drip, drip, of scams and scandals; or
● Tackle our country’s ‘dirty money’ problem, which has become something of a national embarrassment in recent years; or
● Help ensure Parliament gets to grips with sloppy and scandalous financial regulation, which is fast becoming a major media and public interest issue; or
● Protect the integrity and brand of the UK’s financial sector, which makes an enormous contribution to the UK’s economy and our reputation on the world stage; or
● Ensure the post-Brexit financial reforms are aligned with the true long-term national interest, which matters to everybody, regardless of their political persuasion

….we do hope the Panorama programme and the serious concerns it raises are of interest to you, and that you can join us for at least one of the meetings we have specially arranged.

There’s no limit to how many you attend, so you can attend all of them if you want to. They are all free of charge, and they are all as a direct result of the Panorama programme.

Here are the 3 meetings available to you:

#1, on Zoom, 10pm-11pm, Tuesday, 16th August, i.e. immediately after the Panorama programme

#2, on Zoom, 12pm-1pm, Wednesday, 17th August

#3, on Zoom, 6pm-7pm, Wednesday, 17th August

We hope to see you at one or more of our meetings; and remember…


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